Core Training

Get deep and sustainable Change

from contextual-awareness to self-awareness


Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation

A commitment to help leaders and coaches to create change that is deep and sustainable is at the core of our coach training.

Achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning, this differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach, more useful in troubleshooting or problem-solving. Through deep and focused coaching conversations, a shift from contextual-awareness to self-awareness is created, uncovering how meaning is constructed.

The result: A greater understanding of what matters and how that aligns with what they truly want. Armed with this emerging understanding, a clear path is created, along with the ability to hold themselves accountable to what they want to achieve.

60 Coach Training Hours
Duration: 3 months
Format 1: Blended [In-person Training + Online]
Format 2 : Fully Online

Tailor-Made For Coaches and their Clients


It was approved by the (ICF) International Coach Federation, the world-renowned organisation that sets professional coaching industry standards, our transformative coaching training program offers a new and powerful approach not seen until now.

With its fresh, leading-edge approach, our process enables authentic, lasting change. Upon completion of the training, you will receive professional coaching certification. As a graduate of the academy, you would have gained 75 hours of coach training and satisfied the requirements for credentialing that will enable you to apply for ICF Membership and Credential.


This certification program does not include the mentor coaching required by ICF for credential application; our academy provides a bundle package that provides for the certification program and mentor coaching.

Bespoke Your Coaching Niche

Professional Core coaching course is designed to build and improve your coaching effectiveness.

Coaches who have professional coaching certification are highly skilled that allows them to help their clients improve their lives, relationships and business performance.

Our coaching framework lets you learn the skill and integrate it with your specialisation to create your own niche – Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, Happiness Coach et al.

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