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They are a blend of mild Theoretical framework integrated with real life scenarios...

  • The Leader, The Coach
  • The Manager As A Coach
  • CMA Coach Certification (Bespoke For Organisations) 

Bespoke Workshops

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Our team has a rich two decades of partnering with organisations to support them with…

1. Managerial Facilitators

2. Leadership Imperatives

3. Efficiency & Effectiveness 

The Leader, The Coach

When leaders decide to adopt a Coaching Style, it has a direct impact on…

The manager As A Coach

Coaching is that critical competency that separates highly effective managers from average one’s…

CMA Coach Certification

Certify leaders & managers to become internal coaches…

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  • Support you identify what solutions will work best for you
  • Build a customised coaching development plan for you
  • Partner with you on leadership and life coaching 

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